"Long Gone Days imagines the world of war that's coming for us."

Maddi Chilton, Kill Screen

Long Gone Days (PC, Mac & Linux)

Long Gone Days is a 2D modern-day military RPG set in our current times, with a focus on language and cultural barriers, inspired by classic dystopian literature and visual novels.

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After being deployed to his first mission, Rourke leaves The Core's base for the very first time, only to discover the dark truth about the operation he's part of and the consequences of deserting an inescapable war.

With no place to call home now, he must prevent the war from spreading any further, forming strong bonds along the way that will forever change his life.

Communication is Key

As Long Gone Days is set in the real world, you'll encounter several language barriers. Recruit interpreters in order to communicate with others.

Keep Morale High

Choose dialogue options wisely as they impact your party members' Morale, affecting how they perform during battles. While doing so, keep in mind every character has different personality traits and motivations.

Sniper Mode

Long Gone Days has two battle systems. Using Rourke's rifle, spot your enemies and take down your targets.

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