Long Gone Days: Press Kit


Based in Santiago, Chile

Release date:
March, 2018 (Early Access Release)
Q4, 2018 (Full Game Release)
May 24th, 2016 (PC/Mac Prototype Demo)

PC, Mac & Linux

Demo Available on:
Steam | Game Jolt | itch.io



Long Gone Days is a 2D modern-day military RPG set in our current times with a focus on language and cultural barriers, inspired by classic dystopian literature.

The game tells the story of Rourke, a soldier from The Core, an isolated settlement below the surface of the Earth. After discovering the dark truth about an operation he's part of in Kaliningrad, he decides to abandon his post, not realising the consequences of deserting an inescapable war.

During his journey he'll encounter people from different parts of the world who will help him with language barriers, strategies and overall teamwork.


Long Gone Days was originally conceived around 2003 by Camila Gormaz, as an RPG Maker 2000 project. Since that moment, releasing it as a game became her life goal. Camila would occasionally write bits of the game on her free time, but it wasn’t until 2015, after gaining experience in the gaming industry, that the development of Long Gone Days finally began. Soon after, Pablo Videla joined the development as the co-writer.

On December 2015 the development of a prototype demo started, using RPG Maker MV as the engine. The demo was finally released on May 2016. On July 2016, a crowdfunding campaign was launched on Indiegogo. The campaign ended successfully on August 11, 2016.

The full game is now being built in Unity, with improved graphics and performance.

  • 2017/09/24: Attending DEVHR as a Speaker & Exhibitor (CDMX, Mexico)
  • 2017/06/24: Demo exhibited at 2017 Game Devs of Color Expo (NY, USA)
  • 2016/11/12: Attended GaymerX East 2016 as Exhibitor (NY, USA)
  • 2016/11/05: Attended Day of the Devs 2016 as Exhibitor (CA, USA)
  • 2016/09/15: Attended Tokyo Game Show 2016 - Business Days (Tokyo, Japan)
  • 2016/08/10: Indiegogo campaign ended successfully
  • 2016/08/06: Attended Festigame 2016 as Exhibitor (Santiago, Chile)
  • 2016/08/03: Demo 1.5 released on Steam
  • 2016/08/01: End of fanart contest (view winners)
  • 2016/07/14: Mac Demo released
  • 2016/07/11: Indiegogo campaign launched
  • 2016/06/11: Greenlit on Steam (reaching rank #9)
  • 2016/06/30: Featured on Square Enix Collective (94% approval)
  • 2016/05/13: Prototype-demo released
  • 2016/01/17: First online announcement on TIGSource forums


  • Keep the team’s morale high: Choosing certain dialogue options will affect your team members’ Morale, altering their performance in battle. While doing so, keep in mind every character has different personality traits and motivations.
  • Immersion: As you continue your journey through real world locations, some NPCs will speak in their native tongue. This means you’ll need specific party members (interpreters) to help you out to buy at shops and complete quests.
  • Two battle systems: Front-view turn-based combats and a Sniper Mode, which consists of Seek and Find mechanics.
  • No random encounters or grinding: The battles are directly related to the plot. Instead of leveling up, your party members will learn new skills, upgrade their weapons and craft new items.


Long Gone Days - Demo Trailer  YouTube | Vimeo


Download all screenshots & logos as .zip (39.3MB)

Awards & Recognition

  • “DevHr Official Selection” CDMX, Mexico 2017
  • “Game Devs of Color Expo Official Selection” New York, USA 2017
  • “GaymerX Official Selection” New York, USA 2016
  • “Day of the Devs Official Selection” San Francisco, USA 2016
  • “Indie of the Year - Top 100” IndieDB, 2016
  • “GDWC 2016 Semifinalist” Finland, October 2016
  • “Top 3 Best Games on Game Jolt” October 2016
  • “Festigame Official Selection” Santiago, Chile 2016
  • “Featured on Square Enix Collective” June 2016

Selected Articles

  • “Long Gone Days imagines the world of war that’s coming for us” - Maddi Chilton, Kill Screen.
  • “Try the demo for military RPG Long Gone Days” - Austin Wood, PC Gamer.
  • “Long Gone Days: RPG explores war's emotional impact on soldiers” - Joel Couture, Gamasutra.
  • “Long Gone Days, An RPG With A Story 12 Years In The Making” - Chris Priestman, Siliconera.
  • “Long Gone Days marches onto Collective!” - Amy Graves, Square Enix.
  • “Long Gone Days: A Different Kind of War Game” - Megan Myrick, Cliqist.
  • “Long Gone Days: Stepping Up the RPG Genre, A Conversation with Camila Gormaz” - Jerrod Bacon, Black Shell Media.
  • “RPGツクールから生まれた『Long Gone Days』は、過酷な戦争ドラマをさまざまなジャンルを交えて描く” - Minoru Umise, AUTOMATON.

Long Gone Days Credits

Camila Gormaz
Creator, Artist, Business

Camilo Sáez

Jesús Morillo

Pablo Videla
Writer, Game Designer

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