Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: Has the full game been released?

A: Only the demo has been released. You can get it from Steam, Gamejolt, and

Q: When will the full game be released?

A: The full game will be released on Q1 2018.

Q: I missed the campaign, how can I help?

A: Now that the Indiegogo campaign is over, the InDemand feature is on, meaning you can still back the development by pledging. You can use either PayPal or a Credit Card to do so.
Besides that, you can also help by spreading the word about Long Gone Days! Showing your support through likes, retweets, or shares is greatly appreciated!

Q: How many people are working on the game?

A: At the moment we are a 4-people team working on the full release of the game with the following roles:

  • Creator, Artist, Business - Camila Gormaz
  • Programmer - Camilo Valderrama
  • Programmer - Jesús Morillo
  • Writer, Game Designer - Pablo Videla

Q: Which engine is the game being built on?

A: The full game is being developed on Unity. This engine allows us to port to a wider variety of platforms, and to customize it as much as we want. The demo was built on RPG Maker MV.

Related to the Demo

Q: Who’s the artist/writer/developer of the demo?

A: The demo was developed and illustrated by Camila Gormaz, and part of the story and their mechanics were written together with Pablo Videla. On the version 1.5 of the demo, Nikki Lombardo added a new menu, plus an image gallery, and also ported the game to Mac. That being said, the tracks and sfx in the demo were composed by several artists, and the plugins were coded by different programmers, all of them are credited here.

Q: Can I do a Let’s Play/Review/Stream of the demo?

A: Sure, we’d be honored! For reviews, you can also use the information/pictures from the PressKit.

Q: What are the minimum requirements to play the demo?

A: The demo is only available for Windows and Mac. It is recommended having Windows 7 (or superior). For Mac, as far as we know, it works on every MacOS. Some machines that have El Capitan need to open the demo from Steam for it to work properly.

Q: The game closed unexpectedly while I was playing!

A: If you open the game again and load your last save file, it should run normally. If this error continues, check if your system has the minimum requirements stated in the previous question.

Q: Will you port the demo to Linux?

A: Unlike the full game, the demo was built on RPG Maker MV. At the time this answer was written, there isn’t a way to run RPGMaker MV games on Linux properly.

Misc Questions

Q: How do you make the sprites in the game?

A: Here are a couple of posts explaining the process:

Here's a gif that illustrate the process:

Q: Do you accept fan made stuff?

A: We’d be honored! If you do, please tag @lgdays (on Tumblr or Twitter) or LongGoneDaysGame on Facebook so we can share it! We don’t mind if they are fanarts, fanfics, photoshop edits, memes or whatever, everything is appreciated ♥!

Do you have a question that hasn’t been answered here? Feel free to contact us at or check out our Press Kit. You can also get in touch through Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr for quick questions.